5 Key Factors to Remember When You Buy Centrifuge Machines for Lab

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5 Key Factors To Remember When You Buy Centrifuge Machines For Lab

A centrifuge machine is one of the most common requirements in a laboratory. Labs need to centrifuge test samples to separate and isolate their components. So, the centrifuge machine is frequently in use in research laboratories such as microbiology labs, pathology labs, clinical chemistry labs, and other medical research institutes. The results obtained from the centrifuge machine often determine how accurate the test results will be.

Getting the best-performing centrifuge machines is important for any laboratory regardless of their scale of operations. However, finding the right mini centrifuge suppliers and getting the best deals is not at all an easy task. If you are looking for lab equipment manufacturers in Gujarat, you have some of the best options in the country. Laboratory equipment suppliers in Ahmedabad are some of the top suppliers in the industry, providing world-class laboratory solutions at budget-friendly rates.

When it comes to centrifuge machines, there is a wide range of models out there. And therefore, it is important to understand a few key factors to purchase the right product suitable to your laboratory needs. Here are some key points to focus on.

1) Overall Body And Construction

When you purchase a mini centrifuge, the idea is to get a powerful centrifuge machine that’s lightweight and compact. This will allow you to carry the machine wherever you need it within the lab premises. So, the best option is to buy a centrifuge machine model, which is small in size and weighs less. The ideal weight would be around 1kg. Mini centrifuge machines of that size are easy to carry around and handle.

2) Motor Capacity

Centrifuge machines have different Motor types to suit different test requirements. So when you purchase centrifuge machines, make sure that you check the top and bottom RPM limits supported by the motor. Some motors may provide up to 6000 rpm while some have a maximum rotation speed of up to 4000 rpm. There are minor differences in the lower rpm range as well. Some centrifuge machine models support 500 rpm, while some can only go as low as 1000 RPM. Therefore, you need to choose the right centrifuge machine that offers sufficient rotation speed for your tests.

3) Rotor Setup

The next factor to check is the rotor setup. Centrifuge machines have different rotor types compatible with different sizes of centrifuge tubes and PCR strips. In case you use different types of centrifuge tubes, make sure your centrifuge machine supports easy tool-free rotor replacement. If the test requires frequent changing of rotors, the best option would be the Combi Rotor type models. These models have specifically designed rotors that support different tube sizes and PCR strips. So, you can meet different test requirements without having to change rotors frequently.

4) User-Friendly Controls

Based on the test requirements, labs need centrifuge machines with suitable controls. Some of the most user-friendly options are touch-sensitive controls for time and speed. Centrifuge machines with touch-sensitive controls save a lot of time and effort for the technicians. Due to the lack of buttons, the control pads last long, even when used vigorously for rapid testing. You also have an option to choose models with LED displays that show accurate time and speed. This helps the lab technicians view the remaining time and test speed even from a distance.

5) Budget-Friendliness and Build Quality

One of the biggest challenges is to find world-class quality products at budget-friendly rates. In local markets, centrifuges machines can be available at extremely low rates. But these are often low-quality duplicate products with cheap plastic and internal parts. The products look identical to the centrifuge machines made by the best brands, so it is easy to get tricked. Such centrifuge machines do not give accurate test results, and they also get damaged very quickly. So if you buy low-quality centrifuge machines, it can affect the reputation of your laboratory and may also cost a lot of money due to frequent maintenance and repairs.

How To Find The Best Centrifuge Machines?

The best option is to find a reliable manufacturer capable of providing a wide range of laboratory equipment. When a product is purchased directly from a manufacturer, several middle links are avoided. Therefore, the rate of the product is less. You can also be sure that you are getting original products directly from the manufacturer, so, no chance of unexpected repairs and expensive maintenance. You also get trusted after-sales services when you purchase from an experienced supplier. Finally, the best factor is that experienced manufacturers are capable of providing a wide range of laboratory equipment. So, you don’t have to search for a new service provider every time you need lab equipment.

Get The Best Mini Centrifuge for Your Lab!

The above five key factors are the most crucial when it comes to purchasing centrifuge machines for any laboratory. Being aware of these points will ensure a profitable purchase and will also save money and time for the laboratory over the long run due to efficient performance and low-cost maintenance.

So, remember these 5 points and get in touch with the best lab equipment manufacturers in Gujarat. Purchase lab equipment from the top laboratory equipment suppliers in Ahmedabad and enjoy long-term profitable lab equipment purchases.

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