Biggest Online Shops in Sweden

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With the changing digital landscape in Sweden, online shops are becoming stronger than they were a decade ago in Sweden with 94% population contributing to the success of eCommerce. They serve purposes and their brand values are always according to their respective customers.

ReviewsBird helps people understand how customers’ buying patterns are changing day by day and why you should listen to people who have experience with the brands already. Unlike Swedish Pewdiepie video reviews, these reviews are by thousands of people who unbiasedly post on this platform.

After analysis of Swedish online store reviews, the following are the top online shops in Sweden. is a Swedish famous online marketplace with more than 7 million visits to the website. It is a multi-store where everything from home appliances and other devices such as gaming devices, tv sets, and decor products are available at lower prices. This store contains products from kitchen to smallest like cleaning products for the home.

Zalando is a famous website for men, women and children with exciting things such as clothing products, shoes, and accessories. The items sold here are quality checked and sustainable and hence preferred by Swedish people. The website sponsors famous companies such as Adidas, Michael kors, and others regarding clothing and other accessories. is considered the best online website which sells mobile accessories and other computing devices. Other than the electronic products related to mobile accessories, they sell personal care and household products. The website provides services such as drive-in and amazing sales. This website has almost 4 million visits is yet another famous shopping website visited the most for household items in Sweden. Famous for its reliability and sale offers, the website offers charity services to children with disabilities and other services. The customers can become members which will let them have discounted offers and coupons to use on sales and products other than sales. Cooking ware, cutlery, and other products are its top-selling products. is a Swedish famous ticketing website trusted by clients with services like rental cars, hotels, and airline reservations all in one service. They offer 24-hour purchases and affordable tickets to almost any destination. The interface is simple and elegant and used by everyone. The famous thing about is the youth discounts on their tickets. Customers can become members and sign up for the portal for more offers.

Online store popularity

Online websites are famous among the people of Sweden as they find in them a convenient source of shopping for their basic needs and avoiding the hap-hazards of shopping from the nearer stores. The online stores mentioned above are getting popularity for their services and faster delivery services available to the customers in no time. and are also a part of the e-commerce race.

Sweden is the 21st largest country in the market of E-commerce and this proves that these people a technology savvy and prefer buying most of the time online.

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