Know About Career, Scope, Jobs, and Salary after Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com)

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Know about Career, Scope, Jobs, and Salary after Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com)


The commercial sector is growing, with new businesses opening daily and rising employment rates worldwide. Any student’s dream is to get a great starting wage at their preferred college. Money is a significant motivator for students when choosing a career, behind job satisfaction. For a Commerce major, the ideal career path involves both personal and professional fulfillment and a high salary and benefits package that allows for a comfortable lifestyle. Bcom classes in Ahmedabad can help you to make your career. If you are a student majoring in Commerce, you may be interested in this blog post listing some of the highest-paid careers in the field.

How to make a Career in Commerce?

  • Business careers typically require a bachelor’s degree, and the most common options are a B.Sc. (Economics) or B.Com.
  • Those aiming for a successful career in Commerce have various post-secondary course options to choose from the best commerce classes in Ahmedabad.
  • To succeed in the job market after graduation, graduates need to be self-assured and capable of creating a CV that stands out from the crowd while still being accurate.
  • Internships are required at the outset so that they can gain experience in the field. If students do well during their training, they can land a full-time position with a reputable organization and launch a prosperous professional career in business.
  • They can submit a CV and cover letter to the company’s human resources department or apply directly through the website’s career area.

What are the top careers in business, and how do you pick the appropriate one?

  • Aspirants should ask themselves if they are more interested in playing with numbers and transactions or communicating with people.
  • Then they’ll have the information they need to make a life-altering choice and go into one of the top-paying commercial fields.
  • They will need to do some severe online digging to learn about potential career opportunities and income increases in their selected Commerce Careers.
  • Top Career in Commerce Stream: Talk to persons already working in the field to learn from their firsthand accounts of the work environment.

Possible Professions after Completing 12th Grade in Commerce

1. Chartered Accountant:

One of the most well-known careers in business is chartered accounting. A Chartered Accountant (CA) is a certified accountant who has met the requirements set forth by a regulatory organization. CAS is authorized to handle all aspects of a business’s accounting and tax filings, audits of financial statements and business procedures, record keeping, and so on.

  • It would help if you had a 10+2 or a CA foundation, intermediate, and final to apply.
  • Salary range (per month): about $1,500 to $10,000

2. Risk Management Analyst:

Effectively supervising others, observing details, conducting research, and coordinating efforts are all necessary traits for a successful Risk Management Analyst. Business majors interested in risk management work to guarantee that their client or company follows all applicable rules and regulations regarding the use of their financial and human resources. And if a business is vulnerable, it will hire a risk management analyst to devise a plan of action.

  • Bachelor’s degree in a business or mathematics-related field is required.
  • Salary range (in Indian rupees): About Rs.30,000 to Rs.1,00,000.

3. Personal Financial Advisor:

You would be responsible for advising your employer on the best course of action about their investments, taxes, insurance, stocks, money management, and financial goals if you choose a job in Commerce, such as a financial advisor.

This is one of the most rewarding professions after business if you have a keen intellect, strong problem-solving abilities, and enjoy helping people.

  • Eligibility Requires a Mathematics, Economics, or Finance course at the Undergraduate level.
  • Earnings Band (Per Month): Around $1,500,000.

4. Investment Banker:

Simply put, investment bankers advise corporations and governments on financial matters. For business majors, there is a wide variety of opportunities to assist clients in their fundraising efforts. This can be done by issuing shares or bonds, acquiring a competitor, or selling the business outright.

  • Qualifications: Undergraduate study (50 per cent minimum required), Admissions Tests
  • Salary Band (Per Month): about $40,000 – $6,50,000

5. Actuary:

If a company wants to safeguard its plans and prevent losses, it needs actuaries who control financial risks. In these business roles, you’ll put your statistical knowledge and math prowess to work advising clients and businesses on minimizing risk at little cost.

  • Appropriate Age: UG A study of mathematics-related topics in a formal setting.
  • Monthly Salary Range: $28,000 – $4,000
  • Digital Marketer: A Promising Profession for Business Majors

6. Digital Marketer:

  • Designing and uploading images to the company’s website.
  • Crafting and sending out email marketing campaigns.
  • Conducting thorough customer data analyses.

However, you may want to pursue a career in advertising, branding, or social media marketing after studying Commerce. In that case, you’ll need to be able to use quantitative analysis to spot flaws in an organization’s marketing and branding efforts and devise strategies to fix them.

  • Appropriate Age: UG Coursework in any field.
  • Salary Range (Per Month): around $20,000 to $60,000.


UKIC online is a wealth of opportunity for those with a commerce degree from the 12th grade onward, but success necessitates focus and direction. There are graduate and postgraduate programs for every field imaginable, after business, and the more prestigious ones are especially sought after by employers.

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